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Your eyes are some of the most important things in the world, so keep them as healthy and dependable as your eyes can be.

Waiting until you have a problem with your eyes is not a great strategy

Eye exams do more than just improve your vision. Many eye and even bodily diseases can be detected by routine examinations, long before they cause serious damage.

Zeiss I.Profler plus

Children are one of our specialties. Ensuring that your child’s vision is all that it needs to be is not only smart parenting, it also builds an eyecare appreciation that they will have throughout life.

Nikon Optos

Our digital equipment has many advantages over traditional examination techniques. Digital examinations look deep into the interior of the eye using much higher resolution. We can look deep into the tissue layers of the eye, often without eye drop dilation, and so quickly that most patients say, “That was it?” Our retinal camera also documents baseline and changes over time for a more accurate record.

Zeiss I.Profler plus
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